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Boost your practice,

your balance and your flexibility.

Discover new postures.



I offer personalized coaching with a program to quickly improve your flexibility

and balance and achieve the postures of your dreams.


° You want to progress in your balances but you have little time? 

° Would you like to be more flexible but you don't know how?

° Would you like to work on a particular posture?

° Would you like to gain strength quickly?

° For Ashtanga practitioners, would you like to progress in your practice from series 1 to 3? 


I would like to share my skills and my passion by offering you a new and quick three-step program because with motivation and a few techniques to apply, anything is possible and I guarantee you will be really amazed with the results.


International teacher and experienced and certified coach in Yoga, Pilates and Barre-au-sol, former professional dancer, stuntwoman and one of the rare ashtangis in Switzerland to master the 3 series of Ashtanga Yoga, I coached elite athletes, circus artists, dancers and actors and I offer you a unique program whatever your level and your practice.


Here is my program in 3 steps :


° STEP 1

A first meeting by phone or skype to better know your level of  practice, a body assessment and an analysis of the objectives and postures you want to work on.   


° STEP 2

90 minutes of coaching at home or in a studio located in Eaux-Vives (thursday from 6 to 8 pm) including a specific warm-up and targeted exercises to concretely work on your objectives, improve your practice and discover the secrets for achieving the desired postures and acquiring more flexibility and strength.   


° STEP 3

Written report by email of what you need to work on and summary of your session.


This program « Yoga Booster » is offered at the exceptional price of 260.- Frs.

instead of 300.- Frs. for one person until March 2023.


This program can also be done from 2 to 4 people :


2 people: 150.- / pers.             3 people 120.- / pers.               4 people 100.- / pers




Esther Fantys to 079 857 46 73 or by mail :

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